Holidays in Santorini Greece

The Greek island of Santorini is one of the most famous island destinations in the world and attracts thousands of visitors each year from all over the world
Santorini Island

Santorini is one of the most famous of all Greek islands and each year it attracts huge numbers of visitors from all over the world. Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is unlike any other island, and it's unique geological structure and imagery will steal your heart and imagination.

The island is home to some excellent beaches, interesting towns and villages, archaeological sites, famous wineries and of course, the still-active volcano.

Santorini is the perfect holiday destination for all types of travellers. Whether you are looking for a place to simply unwind and relax, or one where you can enjoy a range of activities and adventure, then Santorini is the place to visit.

From the towns of Fira and Oie perched up high overlooking the majestic caldera, or the various coastal towns and resorts, Santorini has something for everyone. Famous for it's wine and cuisine ( as well as the volcano ), you can experience all aspects of Santorini.

There are many wonderful restaurants and tavernas where you can enjoy a tasty meal, as well as the various wineries around the island where you take part in a wine-tasting evening.


Places of Interest in Santorini

Santorini is filled with beautiful places to visit and sights to see. From the famous caldera and volcano, to the archaeological sites of Akrotiri and Ancient Thira, there is a huge number of interesting places you can visit during your holidays to Santorini.

Santorini Volcano
Santorini The Volcano of Santorini

The most famous landmark and attraction in Santorini is of course the volcano. The landscapes and unique scenery of Santorini were all defined by the huge volcanic explosion that took place in 1650 B.C., and the results of which created the Santorini that we know today.

After additional eruptions that took place, two small islands have formed in the caldera - Palea Kameni ( meaning old burnt in Greek ) and Nea Kameni ( meaning new burnt). You can actually take a trip over to these islands by one of the many boat excurions that are offered for visitors to the island. It is an experience that every visitor to Santorini should enjoy, and one that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Santorini Ancient Thira

Located on the top of the huge rock that seperates the coastal towns of Perissa and Kamara, the archaeologica site of Ancient Thira is a fascinating insight into the past of Santorini. On the site you will find a number of ruins and monuments that you can see such as the ancient Agora, the Temple of Dionysos, the Royal gallery, the Gymnasium and the Theatre.

Santorini Ancient Thira
SantoriniThe Hot Springs ( Palea Kameni )

The famous hot springs of Santorini are found on the small volcanic island of Palea Kameni. The waters here average a temperature of 33 celcius, and contains sulfur and other healing elements. A number of boat excursions to the volcanic islands stop off here at the Hot Springs where you can take a swim in the warm waters.

Santorini Akrotiri Archaeological Site

The famous archaeological site of Akrotiri is one thing that every visitor to Santorini should experience. Measuring about 200 acres in size, the whole area is one of immense interest and great historic value. The history and story of Akrotiri is one of great interest, and when you visit the site, you will learn how the huge volcanic eruption wiped out this entire region of the island.

Santorini Other sights and places to visit

There are many other interesting places to visit in Santorini including museums, wineries and other towns and areas of the island. There are a number of organised tours and excursions that you can take part in and enjoy all that Santorini has to offer.


Beaches of Santorini

Santorini is home to some of the most beautiful and unique beaches anywhere in Greece. During the summer months, the beaches are filled with visitors enjoying the crystal blue waters of the Aegean and the unique settings of the beaches.

Below you will find an overview of some of the most famous beaches you can enjoy on Santorini.

Santorini Beaches
Santorini The Red Beach ( Akrotiri )

This beach is one of the most famous and popular in Santorini. The Red Beach is is located next to the village and ancient site of Akrotiri. The beach is fairly small in size, and can be pretty filled up and busy during the months of July and August. It is well worth visiting this beach though to experience the red dominating rocks of the beach.

Santorini The Black Beach ( Perissa )

This is another of the most famous beaches of Santorini. Named the black beach due to its black shiny sands, the beach is located in the coastal town of Perissa, and attracts large numbers of visitors during the summer. Along the beach are numerous cafe bars and tavernas where you can enjoy a refreshing drink of something to eat.

Santorini Kamari Beach

Located in the coastal town of Kamari, this beach is almost an extension of the Black Beach of Perissa ( the two beaches are actually seperated by the huge rock of "Mesa Vouno". Here you will also find a great selection of cafe bars and restaurants, as well as a number of interesting shops.

There are many other beaches you can find around the island, each of which has it's own unique charm and beauty. If you can, it is well worth travelling around the island and see the beautiful beaches for yourself, so you can decide which ones you want to head to for a refreshing swim.


Travelling to Santorini

Visitors to Santorini will arrive either by air or sea. Below you will find an overview of the two types of travel to the island.

Santorini Ferries
Santorini Ferries to Santorini

Probably the most popular method of travelling to Santorini is by ferry boat. From the port of Piraeus in Athens, there are frequent ferry services to and from the island operating throughout the year. In the summer months, there is an increased service catering for Santorini and other islands in the Cyclades.

There are also ferry services to Santorini from some of the other islands in the Cyclades and also from the island of Crete. The months of July and August are the busiest period for ferry tickets to the Greek islands so if you are planning on visiting Santorini during these months, it is advisable to prebook your ferry tickets.

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Blue Star Ferries - Santorini
( + 30 ) 22860 22958

Hellenic Seaways - Santorini
( + 30 ) 22860 22478

Santorini Flights to Santorini

There is an airport located on the east side of the island, that caters for domestic and international flights from across Europe. During the summer months, there are a number of charter flights arriving to the island. There are also regular domestic flights to Santorini from various regions around Greece and other Greek islands.

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Olympic Airways - Santorini
( + 30 ) 22860 28400

Aegean Airlines - Santorini
( + 30 ) 22860 28500