The Story of The Nereids

The Nereids are ancient deities and are worshiped as goddesses of calm seas. They are friendly towards people according to Greek mythology
Story of the Nerieds

They were nymphs who personified the situations and sea characteristics. They were daughters of Nereus and Doris Oceanid therefore granddaughters of the Ocean. They were around fifty or 100 according to a different version of the myth.

The Nereids lived on the seabed, in the palace of their father and spent their day swimming and playing with dolphins, or seated on golden thrones or rocks singing and weaving or drying their rich and long hair.

They did not allow any mortal to be contrasted with them in beauty. They had the power to turbulence and calm the sea. In general they were always jubilant about their immortality and accompanied the chariots of marine gods.

One of the famous was Thetis, daughter of Nereus and descendant (granddaughter) of Tithyos. Zeus was charmed by her looks, but she rejected him. Themis, the goddess revealed then that Thetis would bear a son who would be stronger than his father. Fearing of losing power, Zeus gave Thetis a mortal husband, Peleus.

At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis all the god attended except Eris, she was the one who threw the apple of preference among the goddesses and was the substantial cause of the unraveling thread of the Trojan War.

Thetis according to legend gave birth to a son, Achilles, who she tried unsuccessfully to make immortal. In another version of the myth anointed the body of the infant with ambrosia and put onto the fire to burn away the mortal parts.

When interrupted by the child’s terrified father, she left her home furious.  In a later version, she appears to immerses the child in the river Styx, holding it by its heel. All points touched the river became invulnerable. The heel though stayed dry and Achilles acquired the vulnerability, emblem of his own mortality.